Akashic Records is a short experimental film, portraying human subconsciousness and memory as a sequence of defragmented audio and visual digital data artefacts as an illustration of the concept of ‘posthumanism’ and the endlessness of digital memory. The work is inspired by Katherine Hayles’ investigation on the ‘posthuman’ and the digital age in her book How We Became Posthuman as well as by electronic artist Holly Herndon’s exploration on embodiment in posthuman age, based on Hayles’ work. The intention of the work is to illustrate the visual, sonic and emotional data flow, stored in the human brain as a series of deconstructed and chaotic imagery and sounds whilst still preserving the pattern present in human behavior and thinking as well as in the entire Universe. This piece is about embracing the Universe as a form of feminine energy, which resides in every human being.

Sound and Visuals by Matyo Dervenkov